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3 Biggest Myths About Annuities

  • Philip Meese

Intro Why am I writing this article? (and why do I even feel the need to introduce this article?) In keeping with the Financial Study Network’s orientation toward smart financial planning and retirement finances, this fits right in. But there’s a more significant reason: there’s a lot of emotion and misinformation about annuities floating around […]

spending money

Part 1 of 5: What Will You Spend In Retirement?

  • Philip Meese

America’s Number One Fear If you had to guess, what do people fear most about retirement? Maybe it’s poor health, or being bored and lonely? Guess again: Americans’ number one retirement-related fear is running out of money or outliving their savings (source:  Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the American Institute of CPAs). To ensure […]

Three Strategic Positions

Three Strategies for a Zero-Tax Retirement

  • Philip Meese

The Wind Will Blow In the current economic environment, it’s virtually guaranteed the U.S. government will increase taxes in order to meet its obligations and remain solvent. For those of us on fixed incomes, this presents a challenge. It may be that, even after years of planning, financial discipline and saving, our retirement nest egg […]

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